Bosc Pear

A high quality, very flavourful pear. Remains firm and keeps their elegant shape during cooking. They also cook well with spices and sauces because of their full- bodied flavour. Good pollinator for Bartlett. Ripens early October. European Pear

Zone 5

Bartlett Pear

Medium large, yellow-green pear with a wonderful flavour and buttery texture which makes it a popular variety. Ripens late August early September. European Pear

Zone 5

Clapp's Favorite Pear

Large European pear. It has a pale yellow-green skin with a creamy white, fine textured, juicy flesh and good flavour. Does well in heavier soils and is cold hardy but it can be susceptible to fire blight. Ripens late August. European Pear

Zone 5

Anjou Pear

A good quality, late market pear. Skin is light green or cream. Stores well for several months. Ripens in mid October. European Pear

Zone 5

Flemish Beauty Pear

Has a creamy-yellow skin and a creamy-white flesh. A hardy cultivar for colder districts. Productive and vigorous. Can be trained to grow on a wall or fence. Ripens mid September. European Pear

Zone 4