Red Delicious Apple

Is a very sweet and juicy, with crispy yellowish flesh. It is excellent for eating and salads. This apple has shiny dark red or striped reddish-yellow skin. The apple is distinguished by its five bumps around the eye. Ripens in October.

Zone 5

Cortland Apple

Red fruit, popular for eating and cooking. It is crisp, sweet and juicy with a slight tartness. Ripens in October.


Golden Delicious Apple

One of the most widely planted apple cultivars. The fruit is firm, medium-large with yellow skin. Excellent variety for desserts. Ripens late September.

Zone 5

Gala Apple

An all purpose apple that is sweet and aromatic with pale yellow to golden-yellow flesh and heavily striped in red. Ripens in August to early September.

Zone 5

Honey Crisp Apple

Crisp cream- coloured flesh is mild, sweet and aromatic. Cold hardy. Best pollinator is Golden Delicious. Ripens early September.

Zone 3

Liberty Apple

Crisp and juicy, medium-sized fruit with a yellowish flesh. Use for eating fresh or applesauce. Ripens in early September.


Combo Apple

A combination of apple cultivars grafted on the same tree.

Zone 5

Empire Apple

A McIntosh type, with a medium- sized fruit. Crisp texture and bright white flesh make it a good variety for eating. Ripens early October.

Zone 4

McIntosh Apple

Very juicy and sweet with a tart tang flavour. It has tender white flesh. It is excellent for eating fresh, baking or making sauces. Ripens mid September.

Zone 4

Sweet Sixteen Apple

Dark red with yellow flesh, that is sweet, crisp and juicy with an unusual, aromatic flavour. Good dessert apple. Fire blight resistant. Popular apple for the cold northern areas. Ripens mid September.

Zone 4